New Game “Memo: Puzzle Cards”

We are happy to announce that we have finished work on our new game “Memo: Puzzle Cards”.
The main idea of ​​the game is to search for paired cards among the cards on the game board.
The difficulty of the game can be adjusted very freely, you can adjust the number of cards on the game board, how many cards you need to collect in one game session, how long you can remember the location of the cards.
Card design can be configured very flexibly, which will allow you to use different target audiences. The classic design will engage an older audience who are interested in training their memory on a greater difficulty. A fun design will engage an earlier audience who will have fun looking for pairs of fun pictures while the child is on a plane or while the parents are busy in a meeting.

We consider the target audience to be:

  • adults over 40 who would like to train their memory
  • children who will find it interesting and fun to look for paired cards

The game is being launched into internal testing.
After passing all the checks, the game will be available to everyone.
Thank you! All the best!